Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making Your Tampa Visit Hassle-Free

Airport Shuttle Services Help Make for a Hassle-Free Tampa Visit

You might have spent some time planning what to do when you go on your vacation then you realize that you have no way of getting around. You might haven’t thought about the traffic situation and routes you’ll need to take to get around.

Going to a new city can be stressful, especially if you don’t have anyone or anywhere to go to for transport advice. Rental cars can be a tough if you aren’t familiar with the roads, and public transportation might ruin the whole vacation vibe for you and your family.

Good thing there are cab companies that provide airport shuttle services. These companies provide the convenience of driving you and your family around. Airport shuttles in Tampa are driven by professional drivers that take you anywhere you need to go. Most of these companies also provide their shuttles with a GPS programmed to show the shortest route to where you need to go.

Shuttle services also provide you with the benefit of convenience. Aside from the time you save from cutting down on travel, you don’t have to worry about looking for a good parking spot when you get to your destination. You also wouldn’t have to making that long drive back to the hotel after you’ve had your day of fun.

With airport shuttle services in Tampa, you can be sure that your trip will be hassle free, with the assurance of availability, comfort, promptness, and convenience. You can plan your daily itinerary without having to worry about how to get there.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hiring a St. Petersburg Taxi Service is Cheaper than a DUI Violation

According to research, most people can only drink 12 ounces of beer (4.5% alcohol content) before risking a DUI when driving home. It is important to note, however, that alcohol can seriously slow down reflexes and decision-making, regardless of whether a person is within the legal limit or not.

Even if you have $10,000 to burn, you are better off calling a taxi in St. Petersburg, FL to bring you home. After all, that taxi will always end up cheaper than a DUI.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trusted Tampa Airport Shuttle Services Will Get You There On Time

If you are one of the hundreds who had at one time or another had your flight delayed or cancelled, you would know how frustrating the situation can get. Fortunately, frustrations can be mitigated with a few things—comfortable surroundings, availability of good food, and not least, a dependable Tampa airport shuttle service like Downtown Yellow Taxi.

Trusted Tampa airport shuttle services such as Downtown Yellow Taxi make it a point to ensure the comfort and safety of their passengers. You may have experienced some problems with your flight, but it’s good to know that one particular airport service will pick you up on time and bring you to and from the airport without any delay.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When Shouldn't You Drive?

Just because you know how to drive and you own a car does not mean you should be driving everywhere all the time. Below are some instances when you absolutely should NOT be driving. Should you find yourself in any of these situations in St. Petersburg, FL, taxi services will be a good way to still get to your destination.

After you've been drinking.  

This is pretty much a no-brainer. Alcohol impairs your senses and your judgment. Driving under the influence is simply stupid and irresponsible. You risk not just your life but others' as well.

If you have issues with your eyes and reflexes

Driving is requires constant split-second decision making. In order to make the right decision, you have to be able to identify all the factors involved. This would be difficult if you have issues with your eyes as driving is a primarily visual activity. And even if you have perfect vision, if you are unable to execute evasive tactics fast enough, you'll still be in a lot of trouble.

When you are unfamiliar with the driving laws of the area. 

This one is especially true when traveling to a foreign country. Driving isn't all about getting behind the wheel and roaring away. Highway laws may vary from place to place and if you are ignorant of the rules, you may be putting yourself and others in danger.

Remember, when you get behind the wheel, you have to do more than watch the road. You have to keep your eye on the other cars, street signs and traffic lights, even pedestrians. Anything that can impair this activity puts every one of those people including yourself at risk. Don’t hesitate to take a taxi. St. Petersburg, FL has lots of them.