Sunday, January 19, 2014

People Avoiding DUI Charges by Hiring a St. Petersburg Taxi Service

Drinking might not be easily avoided, but drunk driving can be. People going to and from St. Petersburg, FL and the rest of Pinellas County can hire a taxi service like Downtown Yellow Taxi as a reliable means of transport. Going home after a party where one has had one glass too many can be dangerous if the person is driving. To avoid the consequences of driving under the influence, he can instead use a St. Petersburg taxi service.

Many transportation providers accommodate requests for pick up from any location within their service areas, so individuals who are going home from an event can easily schedule a pick up time. Drop off information as well can be provided beforehand. A reliable St. Petersburg, FL taxi service like Downtown Yellow Taxi will ensure that each client is safely brought to any destination in Pinellas County.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

4 Reasons Why Owning a Car Isn’t Worth It

In many places, owning a car is one of the first large investments a person can make. Leaving the pedestrian life behind is a freedom that most people look forward to. However, having a car doesn’t come without its own disadvantages. Here are just some reasons why owning a car may not be worth it:

1. Rising gas prices. 

The most obvious disadvantage is having to pay for gas. A commuter pays in small increments, while a car owner pays by the tankful. You’re used to having loose change in your pocket to get around. Suddenly you need over 40 dollars! It’s quite an adjustment to make.

2. Maintenance. 

 Owning a car means making sure that it looks nice and is running smoothly. That means hundreds of dollars on wax jobs, oil changes, tools, replacement parts, air fresheners, paint jobs, microfiber wipes. And what if you get into an accident? Apart from paying for the repairs, you need to contend with insurance claims.

3. Traffic jams still bite. 

Maybe they’ll bite even more. You’ll have to sit through the whole thing without being able to let your attention wander too much, in case things get moving again.

4. Finding a parking slot can be a hassle. 

On really bad days, prowling around for a slot to miraculously open up can take longer than the trip itself!

You can avoid all of these problems without even risking a long wait for a vacant cab. Call 727-379-4440 and we’ll come pick you up!

Friday, January 17, 2014

What Florida Tourists Can Expect From a Licensed Tampa Airport Shuttle

Another edge trusted shuttle providers, like Downtown Yellow Taxi, can offer is the use of technology like GPS navigation systems that help them find the shortest routes available that will get them to their destinations faster. Additionally, they are also known for providing vehicles that have enough room to sit several people comfortably without compromising space for their luggage.

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy if you opt for a licensed Tampa airport transportation provider which should be part of your entire experience as a tourist in Florida.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tips on How to Stay Safe When Riding a Cab

Picture this: you got an exciting night with friends but you got a flat tire in the middle of the road.  You're running late, and almost certainly you'll miss your favorite band playing in the bar.  How about this: You're a tourist and unsure how to go around the city. You can't afford a rental car, and taking the bus is out of the question. Or you're off to a client meeting but you missed the carpool by a few minutes.  Unfortunate circumstances, don't you think?

When faced with these circumstances, there is no other way but to rely on public transportation.   But with traffic, crowded subways and slow buses, would you take the risk? Thankfully in St. Petersburg, FL, taxi services are here to save the day. But before you go cab-crazy, here are some safety reminders to keep in mind:

Plan your journey

Before hailing a cab, make sure that you know exactly where and how you will get to your destination especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Knowing where and how you'll get there will save you a few bucks since it lessens the need to go around trying to find the place.  Not only that, it is safer since you will be passing by areas you are familiar with, at least through reading and memorizing it beforehand. Don't hesitate to direct the cab driver and let them know that you know you won't get deceived.

Choose reputable and licensed cabs

In St.Petersburg, FL, taxi services like Yellow Taxi St. Petersburg are required by law to have a license and abide by specific state regulations. These regulations are designed not only to protect passengers but the drivers as well.  Most cab companies offer pick-up services, making it convenient and safer for passengers instead of hailing just any cab. Before leaving your place or a nightclub, you can call a taxi service to pick up and drop you off at your specified time and place.

Travel in groups if possible

As the popular saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Therefore, whenever possible, don't hesitate to travel in groups when taking a cab.  This is especially true when you're intoxicated and vulnerable to accidents and incidents like mugging.  When you're in a group, the risk of being targeted by unscrupulous individuals are lessened, though vigilance is still necessary.

Don't let a bad taxi decision ruin your vacation, a hot date or a career-defining client meeting.  Understanding the do's and don'ts of riding a cab will help you make an informed decision. Save some cash, stay safe and choose only the best taxi service The Burg has to offer: Yellow Taxi St. Petersburg.