Saturday, January 18, 2014

4 Reasons Why Owning a Car Isn’t Worth It

In many places, owning a car is one of the first large investments a person can make. Leaving the pedestrian life behind is a freedom that most people look forward to. However, having a car doesn’t come without its own disadvantages. Here are just some reasons why owning a car may not be worth it:

1. Rising gas prices. 

The most obvious disadvantage is having to pay for gas. A commuter pays in small increments, while a car owner pays by the tankful. You’re used to having loose change in your pocket to get around. Suddenly you need over 40 dollars! It’s quite an adjustment to make.

2. Maintenance. 

 Owning a car means making sure that it looks nice and is running smoothly. That means hundreds of dollars on wax jobs, oil changes, tools, replacement parts, air fresheners, paint jobs, microfiber wipes. And what if you get into an accident? Apart from paying for the repairs, you need to contend with insurance claims.

3. Traffic jams still bite. 

Maybe they’ll bite even more. You’ll have to sit through the whole thing without being able to let your attention wander too much, in case things get moving again.

4. Finding a parking slot can be a hassle. 

On really bad days, prowling around for a slot to miraculously open up can take longer than the trip itself!

You can avoid all of these problems without even risking a long wait for a vacant cab. Call 727-379-4440 and we’ll come pick you up!

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