Monday, April 21, 2014

Backpacking 101: Using a Taxi to get around St. Petersburg, FL Works

For a backpacker, the prospect of travelling around a new city is always going to be an exciting one. A backpacker can see a city like a cove littered with hidden gems, waiting to be taken by the opportunistic traveler.

The Tampa Bay area is no different, as the culture nourished by the bay will provide you with a warmth that cities like Los Angeles or New York cannot exactly replicate. However, if this is your first time traveling, then it is important that you take note of these tips before hailing a taxi in St. Petersburg, FL to get somewhere.

The first (and most important) thing that you can do is to plan ahead. You don’t want to arrive in the Bay and wander around its streets, clueless on how to get to the Tampa Theatre. Use maps to familiarize yourself with the city’s streets. Use the power of technology: proper use of Google Maps will help you plan out how to get to the theater the moment you step out of the airport.

Another thing that you should definitely consider is the possibility of using an airport shuttle in Tampa to get you to your lodging. This is especially important if you are arriving at the Tampa area at night. Don’t even try to brave the streets alone at night when a trusty service can help you get to your destination safely.

Finally, it is important to ask around for directions. You definitely should become dubious if the person you’re talking to starts asking for your social security number, but most locals are eager to help someone in need.

These will definitely help you make the most out of your travels and explorations in the Bay Area.

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