Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ride in Style with St. Petersburg Taxi

Two years ago, in lieu of the lack of a reputable taxi line in St. Petersburg, Florida, a group of knowledgeable taxi operators put up St. Petersburg Taxi. Known for its safety, convenience, and promptness, the line has grown from 3 taxis to 7. Tourists also trust their services when they need airport shuttle services whether they’re coming back or departing from St. Petersburg. But other than that, they offer luxury services. What’s more, people can call them when they need a limo.

Impress your VIP clients

First impressions last, and for your business proposal to be approved, you need to put your best foot forward. Pick up your clients from the airport with a top-notch ride. There shouldn’t be any room for mediocrity when it comes to catering to the needs of your VIP clients. It’s giving them the best service there is. They deserve the comfort of sitting on good leather seats while enjoying the ride through town to the office. It will not only start their day right, but it can also give them a good impression of the company you are representing.

Make Your Daughter’s Prom Fantasies Come True

A prom is not only a simple milestone in a lady’s life. For a father, it also means a lot of things. For one, it signals daddy to loosen his grasp on his baby girl’s hand as she grows and learns about life with little supervision. The prom phase starts from choosing the perfect dress or gown to the last dab of that hairspray until the moment she finally goes down that ride to walk to the prom venue. Every teenager dreams of getting off a luxurious limo. It’s the modern version of Cinderella’s carriage. It’s a classic touch to a fairytale that almost all girls dream about. It’s the perfect surprise you can give your daughter for her prom – one memorable limo ride.

More than being a trusted taxi line, St. Petersburg Taxi provides you the luxury ride that you need. You’ll get the elegance, sophistication, cleanliness, promptness, and safety that we are known for. It’s always ready for you. Call us when you need a limo service in Florida.

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