Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Safety Comes First

You know what they say: better safe than sorry. Here are a few things you can do without much hassle that can go a long way in making sure that each trip is safe and hassle-free.

Check Credentials

First of all, check the driver’s Identification, which is usually located on the dashboard. Comparing details between the ID and the markings on the cab takes nothing more than the smallest amount of focus, but it goes a long way in identifying if something is wrong. What you need to take note of is the company name, serial numbers and phone numbers all around the cab. And when seeing that everything is consistent, that means your good to go. 

Don’t Depend Too Much on Your Driver

Wearing the seatbelt ensures your safety, even if your driver doesn’t require you. It’s also good for you to know your route. This helps the St. Petersburg taxi driver to avoid traffic, which in turn helps you save time and money.

Assert Your Right to a Safe Ride

You’re the driver’s temporary boss, and pointing that he cannot use his phone while driving is your right. This action does not cross any boundaries because you’re depending on the driver’s focus on the road. It’s also nice to have a chatty driver; a good conversation can lead to great things throughout your day. But if you’re not in the mood politely decline the engagement.

And when you reach your destination, it’s wise for you to be proactive with the fare. Anticipating the amount due, saves you time. And when the trip was pleasant, giving a tip is a good gesture.

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