Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Age A Factor In Driving

Driving is an acquired skill easy enough to maintain. Though changes in the body as we get older can affect one’s driving. Here’s how.

1. Vision Seeing well is the most vital requirement to driving. Even when you pass the DMV’s required minimum vision standards, you still need to factor in the changes occurring on your eyes. This leads to your peripheral vision not being dependable now, unlike before.

 2. Joints stiffen and muscles weaken. These changes limit your ability on doing necessary maneuvers in driving. Some of these include turning your head back, steering, and braking. Making movement done much slower. That endangers you and other motorist.

3. Hearing It’s simply an essential part of driving. This serves as radar for drivers. That tells you to stop or move on a safer route when you hear an ambulance siren, or another car going fast on your direction.

When affected by these variables. You have to consider another option such as mass transit. And if you want to have the same convenience of having a car, then St. Petersburg taxi will suit you well. Taking advantage of their fleet is a no brainer. Not just because they are around, but because of their professionalism, and wit as drivers.

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