Monday, October 13, 2014

Different Requirements to Operate a Taxi Service

Driver Requirements

Generally, cabbies only need a type E driver’s license to operate a cab. Local jurisdictions may impose additional requirements for drivers to follow. The applicant should be prepared to undergo a background check and maintain a clean driving record, while processing the certificate as a taxi driver, as well as be prepared to pay all fees required.

Cab Federal/State Licensing Requirement

Sole proprietors are not required to register with the state. But a corporation, a non-profit or a limited liability company needs to register its operation to the state of Florida.

Start by applying for an employer identification number (EID). This will be used to identify the business. Grab one today at your nearest internal revenue services (IRS) office. You can apply in person, online or by email. And be ready with a valid business name, current tax records, and bank records for the process to run smoothly.

Local Ordinance

All transport vehicles for hire are required to get a Public Vehicle Certificate (PVC), especially when the cab is entering city limits. Each taxi St. Petersburg, FL is required to affix its PVC on the driver’s side.

The PVC should be visible on the car’s exterior, so it’s suggested that it be placed on any of these positions: the lateral face of the bumper, the trunk lid, or the rear window.

Anyone who gets caught not abiding by this rule shall be fined $500.00, and may go to prison for up to 90 days.

 Expect these rules followed to the letter by a trusted taxi St. Petersburg, FL., because this group understands and appreciates the reasons for these rules. So when you’re in the great city of Florida go with Downtown Yellow Taxi.

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