Monday, December 15, 2014

Why We Want to Go Fast

Greg Anderson’s words “Focus on the journey, not the destination” have been associated with a lot of matters in society. In travel, this implies that we should make the time we spend getting to a destination eventful. However, the problem with vacations is that most aren’t really set for a long period. So, getting around fast is a must especially when visiting a place like St. Petersburg, Florida, a destination that has a lot to offer.

St. Petersburg: The One In America!

Getting to see everything in a few days is challenging, but possible with the right St. Petersburg taxi. Downtown Yellow Taxi will help you experience everything this town has to offer by getting you to key places from all directions:

- Something surreal after a plane ride can tickle the senses. Get that treat from the “Salvador Dali Museum.” Arrive in less than 25 minutes on a 23.1-mile journey on the southwest side via a Tampa airport shuttle.

- Finding a beach is not a challenge as there options available everywhere except the north. If you want to go somewhere special, go way down south of uptown 13.9 miles away to Fort De Soto Park, a placeholder on America’s top 10 beaches, where you can fish, picnic, or dive.

- Since St. Petersburg is recognized as the birthplace of spring training, a visit on the west side to Al Lang’s stadium won’t disappoint. Major league baseball fans will get to see their favorite teams from a different viewpoint, before the official baseball season begins.

- End your day right by going 4.2 miles mid-town to Mazzaro’s Italian market. Your taste buds can get take you on a different kind of ride, with wines that have a lasting and delightful aftertaste; Italian cheeses like Gorgonzola, Taleggio, and Provolone; and authentic pasta flavors that were pioneered there.

 - Grab your chance to make new friends by partying all around the city. You can even get the chance to show off your moves on America’s biggest dance floor, 13 thousand square feet to be exact, at the Coliseum.

Those are just a few experiences the city has to offer. We hope you choose to go back after your initial visit. And, when that happens make going around town more fun and easier with the help of Downtown Yellow Taxi, a St. Petersburg taxi service that has your back when exploring new things in a flash. So call us at 727-379-4440 or check us out at for immediate service when in town.

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